International Day of Families 2020: Date, Theme and Quotes to Share with Your Loved Ones

International Day of Families is celebrated on May 15. The main aim behind observing this day is to assert the importance attached to families.

The theme of the day this year is Families in Development: Copenhagen & Beijing + 25.

The United Nations (UN) in its statement on the day said, “This year’s 25th anniversary of Copenhagen Declaration and Beijing Platform for Action come at the time of one of the most challenging global health and social crises”.

Stressing on the importance of the day during these times, the statement added, “The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic brings into sharp focus the importance of investing in social policies protecting the most vulnerable individuals and families. It is the families who bear the brunt of the crisis, sheltering their members from harm, caring for out of school children and at the same time continuing their work responsibilities”.

The statement also elaborated upon how this time of crisis is also the time to rethink about the ways in which our society and economy function.

Meanwhile, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has also extended the greetings of the day. He took to social media to share a photo of his family and captioned it as, “Family has an important role in building a peaceful, healthy and value based society.”

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has also extended his warm wishes on the occasion of International Day of Family.

On International Day of Family, we have prepared a list of WhatsApp messages and greetings to send to your loved ones.

  • It is a family day! Love to see the reunited families and their smiles. May this smile does not fade away. International Day of Family 2020
  • The most precious and exquisite gift given by God is our family. Love them, respect them and treasure them as they’re the rationale for our smile and happiness. Happy International Day of Family
  • Many things can harm your global family, build it anyway! Peace in the family makes the world the best place. International Family Day 2020.
  • –Strength of the family lies in the love bonding. Happy International Day of Family 2020
  • Focusing just on our family is selfishness, focusing on global family is humanity.